I beat myself up sometimes. Everyone beats themselves up at times. But we really don't need to do it.

Often, I heard a whisper, " You sure about this?", "you’re too scared to do it” and it goes on until I have actually convinced myself that "Yes, I shouldn’t be doing it, it takes up too much time and effort." Or “I don’t think it’s possible for you to do it."

I believe that we can all defeat these menacing thoughts and emerge as victorious, stronger and more beautiful individuals. I assure you that these methods I am about to present to you are nothing confronting or intimidating… it only involves you and your mind.

Without breathing, there is no life. This capability is given to us from the moment we are born as humans. In the Bible, there are many allusions to God as the giver of breath and life to human and animals. Why breathing? Why does the ancient art of yoga remind us to breathe mindfully?

Our conscious way of breathing leads us to clarity, calmness and new insights of ourselves. It is free. You only need 5 minutes each time to reclaim your sanity and sensibility. (you can always practice this longer depending on your level of stress)

These are my ways to slowly release the mind and body:                                          

1. Clarity. I recognised the message /stories/ emotional changes as it surfaces. I let myself rant for a while (because let’s be honest, we all need to let off some steam once in a while) before I sought for the root of the problem. If I am fearful, it might be because I do not have confidence in my skills and knowledge. Or it could simply be the issues of courage and self-confidence.

2. Train the mind. Sounds complicated but it is really simple. Challenge yourself by asking: "What if you try?" Imagine the new possibility if I start now.  Let's experience and explore. It is not too hard not to give it a go. Create the vision and purpose that brings you forward and keeps you alive.

3. Awareness. It is perfectly alright to feel weak and tired sometimes. We are human. We are born with feelings and emotion. I encourage you to sit back and do nothing when you have moments like these. It is time to have a break. Do something totally different from your routine to get your mind off the hook.

4. Celebration. Remember to pop the champagne, dance the night away, go to a movie or have some chocolate. Every little improvement you make, be proud and share it with your family and close friends. These little victories will be what encourages yourself in the future. 

Even if you live your life with all these tips, there really is no happily ever after forever. Despite shoving these bad thoughts into the back of your head, they will find ways to crawl their way back into our vulnerable minds.

Do not believe that you need to feel small before you can feel great about yourself. Do not have the mindset that you must be fooled again and again before your true voice is heard.

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, don’t let hovering thoughts distract you from realizing the beauty in your life and the beauty inside you. Be bold and beautiful by being heard, loved and respected.