Inhale, exhale ... and once again ...

Hi everyone,

Hope all of you are well and have warmed yourselves up with a good cup of your favorite drink. 

I am writing to you today after noticing this month's Australian Yoga Journal. It has an article on 'The Magic of Yin.' But what caught my eye was the tagline "Balance yourself from Inside Out". This has been my focus as I run my yin yoga classes/workshops.

Bringing balance to yourself is not an easy task as we are always racing against time in our lives. Often, we are happy to invest in technology, expensive goods and services but subconsciously, neglecting the importance of our health. 

I am not here to tell you how you should live your life. I hope to help you to slowly cultivate the awareness of how and why you can, mentally and physically bring balance into your daily life.

While you are reading this, if you like, we could do a short 5 mins breathing exercise. Otherwise, skip the exercise and continue reading.

1. Sit/stand with your feet hips width apart. Ensure your surrounding is safe in case of any unforeseen circumstance like falling forward or backward. 

2. Take few deep breaths. When you are relaxed, slowly close your eyes.

3. Breathe in and recite in your heart, "I'm breathing in". Breathe out and recite, "I'm breathing out". Repeat for 15 counts.

4. End of 15th count, at the end of breathing out, slowly open your eyes.

This exercise roughly gives you a chance to marinate in stillness for approximately 5 mins depending how fast or slow your breath is. HOW DO YOU FEEL? 


What you offer to yourself is to stay in the present moment and allow a gentle shift that brings more calmness and peace to the body and mind. Time and opportunity open up. Urgent matters, commitments and to-do list fade into the background, leaving definite space for renewal and rest.

Instead of looking for external fulfillment, you could choose to soothe the urge by turning to your inner self to guide you. Our inner world houses the power to nurture kind intentions and loving kindness. It teaches us self compassion and cultivates gratitude.

I encourage you to "go within" when you are overwhelmed.

I would love for you to share this email with your girl friends if you think they might be benefit from what I have shared above.

Upcoming Yin Yoga Workshop

By the way, I am planning to run my first yin yoga workshop to be held at home. The workshop is only open to 10 ladies. I will share more details on this later. Meanwhile, please feel free to drop me a note if you are interested in coming.  

Talk to you soon, stay warm :-)