I can feel my body totally relaxed, much lighter, and at the same time energized.” - Miew Sim, Baulkham Hills

 “I can feel that my body has stretched much more and can feel the joints very much relaxed after every stretch.” - Jason, Dural

“Well stretched, happy, relaxed-thanks for helping me pamper my body!” - May, Baulkham Hills

“After the stretching session, in the resting posture, one can feel the strong energy flow through the body.” - TK Woo, Glenhaven

Although I have practiced yoga for several years I have learnt more in my time with Eleen than ever before." - Barbara Harwood, Baulkham Hills

"It is no surprise that a lot of us work in a high pressure, stressful environment, and Yin yoga class is a haven to bring me back to balance." - Phebe, Dural

“ I went to the session very open minded not knowing what to expect although I had been told Yin was a beautiful, tranquil style of yoga where you held the postures for longer. After participating in a session of Yin yoga I feel at peace- harmonious & untroubled & I know after each class I will feel like this. My body feels "more open" - Yin postures can be very challenging but the time spent working to get deeper into them I have learnt is exceptionally rewarding & so beneficial to the mind & the body. (I have at times felt like I was being tortured 😖! - "No pain - No gain"!) I can honestly say I learn something each time I attend." - Kate Love, Dural